About Roger Sommerville

Online Networking, Community Facilitation and Leadership

Want the best support and action in developing, maintaining and growing educational leadership capacities through online networking. Roger can help.

Roger’s leadership of networking is highly effective across the layers of online communities of practice;
• Personal levels – reflection, blogging/reflective journaling, sharing and collaborating with a learning partner
• Groups at community and regional level
• Cohorts at New Zealand level

He is one of the most experienced facilitators of online networking for school leaders in New Zealand.
His experience as a secondary school principal provides a sound basis to support the “perpetual beta” world of leadership learning with its ever changing connectedness.

He stresses, the need for leadership to grasp the opportunities to expand skilled communication across their full range of personal, school, PLG and CoL situations.

He sees the networking capacities of New Zealand educational leaders as powerful means to attack the complex issues that school leaders face. The collaboration and co-operation of networking being invaluable in providing next step actions to work through the evolving nature of such complexity

He sees harnessing the information flows of the internet to ensure school leaders get mastery over their need for the right information at the right time is at the core of self-managed learning for school leaders.


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