Thinking About Posting

First Published in NAPP My Portfolio 2 March 2014 – added into WordPress 29 June 2016

As I read posts in Professional Learning Group Korero I realise that I am thinking about the thinking and publishing of akonga understandings and ideas..

My thinking then starts asking questions;

  • some link to the NAPP Curriculum
  • Some to the way shared ideas create responses
  • Some to evidence of learning from Module 1 and other sources
  • Some to the important changes we in Kiwi education work on such as focus on priority learners
  • Are the posts developing layers of understanding built around further questioning?

While reading posts one is inclined to undervalue what is said – yet when you copy and paste the posts into a word document you start to realise the volume of thinking that has been applied.

I have always believed publishing ones ideas and understandings helps strengthen their value and quality. When I grouped and ordered the posts in the attached document this certainly became clear.

I find myself asking – What is not being considered? Are there any gaps? Has evidence from research and data played a part in the discussions?

More Thinking About Posting

First published in NAPP My Portfolio 3 March 2014 – published in WordPress 29 June 2016

Postings can provide broad generalisations, details and specific data, and all stages between these extremes.

How then do we work at expanding the learning and leadership power of all in a PLG?

A useful strategy in korero seems to be one of adding value to other peoples posts – this can be by extending the examples and detail related to the topic, asking a new question related to the post, providng a link to an interesting reading, refering to research and asking what else needs to be added.

Perhaps successful korero arises when we ask “what is she/he saying?” I think it is a great idea to take your fingers off the screen or off your mouse and pause to reflect on what has been posted – does this encourage a new line of thought for you?

I find I prefer to read posts that are made up of short paragraphs – like up to about 6 lines. This is something to do with the eye and mind taking “bites” of text and bigger bites are harder to deal with.

Korero is a building block for PLG learning and networking – I am always impressed by the knowledge and skill to be found in each PLG.


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