The Power of NAPP Hui

First published in NAPP in My Portfolio May 3 2014 – added to WordPress June 29 2016

During the interactions of 2014 NAPP Hui many akonga and kaiarahi expressed enthusiasm about their learning with others in the hui setting.

Why was this? Why did akonga and kaiarahi say that the hui offered them some of the best personal learning they could remember?

As proof that the brain does not cease to interact with experiences I have been driven awake by the thought that the Hui experiences must have fitted the needs of our personal learning environments.


(This sounds trite but when matched with the diagram above I think it is a more powerful process than we might first think.)

When you take any of the elements in this diagram you can relate it easily to the Hui flow of interactions.

There were great expressions of satisfaction about “hearing the diverse voices of the hui” other akonga, presenters, students, researchers and voices at a distance. Hopefully akonga have added these voices to their contacts.

The personal drivers were powerful elements in the learning about ourselves – the korowai added power here as did the constant reference to needing to know more about ourselves.

All the learning interactions listed in the middle of the diagram were part of the hui – and there will be others I have not listed.

Here’s a test for you. Take the diagram and start identifying your own personal learning responses at and since the hui – can you match some ahha moments to each element?

There is an interesting thought offered by several akonga in their feedback about the hui. Can hui participants have more opportunity to take their own learning along paths chosen by them? In other words set up more roundtable sessions with diverse learning opportunities and allow those at the hui to spend time in focus on aspects of their own Personal Learning that they want to explore.

Now this is heutagogy at work! We talk about self-managed learning and here it is being expressed as a powerful process for a hui.

I better go and have breakfast.


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