The NAPP Wheels are Turning

First published in NAPP My Portfolio 6 February 2014. Published in WordPress 29 June 2016

Suddenly it is February and I wonder what has happened to the start of another NAPP year.

It is interesting and perhaps even a little scary to find that my actions trigger actions, responses, questions and sometimes confusion as you in NAPP work through building your online and face-to-face networks.

At this stage of tthe NAPP cycle we are all putting the online elements in their place and making the connections we need.


This diagram is I hope a useful summary when trying to work through this growing into NAPP stage – the interactions between the thinking, knowledge and values of school leaders can be underestimated. This summary is making the point very strongly that we are part of an evolving learning network and are each contributing to it.

I think it is really important to remember that in February we are not the akonga we will be in December – growing into the NAPP processes and getting the best out of them involves a steady long term approach – spending time regularly working at understanding coaching, leading change, understanding the roles of the principal …requires thinking time.

I find it is really useful to take a hand of the mouse and of the keyboard so I can really think about the messages/understandings/ reflections of others. Getting to appreciate the power of metacognition takes time but is well worth the effort – thinking, thinking, reflecting, and reviewing understanding again shed new light on our teaching world.


About rogersvlle

Thinking about learning leaders and adding the internet and Its elements to their working worlds.
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