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First Published in NAPP My Portfolio 19 April 2014 – published in WordPress 29 June 2016

Stewart Hase, one of the thinkers behind Heutagogy, has published some of the thinking behind a new book. Go to The Learning Leader:New Skills for Education in the 21st Century – do these points fit our NAPP thinking;

The Capacity to foster engagement

  • An understanding of how to motivate others
  • Ability to foster a shared purpose and vision
  • An understanding of human needs
  • Interpersonal effectiveness
  • Ability to self-regulate
  • Empathy

As principals engage in huge amounts of self-determined learning these points he identifies from the thinking of Jackie Gerstein – The Other 21st Century Skills make a lot of sense.

The skills she has identified are: effective oral and written communication; collaboration across networks; agility and adaptability; grit; resilience; empathy and global stewardship; vision; self-regulation; hope and optimism; curiosity and imagination; initiative and entrepreneurialism; and critical thinking and problem solving.

We tend to think of these skills as being for the students in our schools yet unless principals engage with them there is probably little chance of students getting the best chance to move their inquiry learning to the highest levels.

Self-determined Learning at the NAPP Hui

How does this work? Can we identify these 21st Century Skills as our presenters do their thing and then we take advantage of thinking time to collaborate across networks, apply critical thinking, etc.

Just as an aside; note that Stewart Hase describes how writing sharpens his thinking – greater clarity from writing – now that’s a reason for journal writing.


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