New Learning: Stephen Downes Reflections

First published in NAPP My Portfolio 9 March 2016 – published in WordPress 29 June 2016

New Learning, New society by Stephen Downes (Presentation 354, Made at Ryerson University, Toronto in Feb 2015)

During the past 8 years I have enjoyed listening to, seeing on video and reading Stephen Downes reflections about the internet and learning.

His suggestions about learning moving more and more along a path that will allow us to own our own learning and how we go about it strikes a chord of appreciation with me. In particular his point that we need to work and learn based on our own values (moral purpose) and ensure that our learning allows us to grow and appreciate our cultural heritage in autonomous ways.

His references to connectivism and the fact that the power of learning is generated by the network connections and the processes involved in interaction – it is not the giant sources of knowledge at the nodes in a network that drive new learning it is the interaction by people across the network.

His concern that all too often our strategies and plans for our schools are based on the models of the past even when we are applying new technologies – in other words the factory model controlling and directing what is learned and gathering data related to “achievement” is very powerful across all education systems.

All too rarely do we have control of our own learning destiny.

Listen to Downes for 15 minutes – he is interesting. Note you can subscribe to his regular flow of online postings – see the links on the page linked to above.


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