NAPP Personal Learning Envrionment

During the past three weeks I have attempted to make a simple description of a NAPP Personal Learning Environment.

As personal learning envrionments are just that, personal, it has been a frustrating process. Along the way I have enjoyed reading and viewing a lot of different sources of thinking about personal learning. Here are a few;

Of these I really enjoyed Harold Jarche and Steve Johnson – linking to Harold Jarche is a great idea – as he makes regular postings and always focuses on points of value.


Our NAPP PLEs are a clear mix of kanohi-ki-te-kanohi and at a distance interactions. In the attached summary of a general NAPP PLE our learning processes and curriculum depend entirely on the surrounding “Walking Wikipedia” who provide the means for us to network our learning effectively. This is a bit different from the way many in the digital world view PLEs – their views tend to be of the digital linkages as the PLE.

My view is that the power of what you bring to a NAPP PLE is the most important driver of learning. This combines with the NAPP learning processes and curriculum as we each network and build understandings by drawing on elements of our PLE as they are needed.

A crucial part of the PLE relates to Knowledge Management – for principals this is crucial as it provides the means to retrieve and re-use information quickly and adapt and re-shape understanding in changing circumstances. Note that Digital tools are now an essential part of a principals PLE and help make all the networks leap ahead – they do not of course take away from the power of face-to-face relationship building and sharing.

I wonder if we should constantly remind ourselves that we need strong and growing networks built on the NAPP Learning Processes. In addition we need powerful means to Manage Knowledge – the strongest element of which needs to be our “leadership disposition” as it guides our actions and purpose.

I’ll try and return tomorrow with some in-depth considerations for parts of the NAPP PLE.


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Thinking about learning leaders and adding the internet and Its elements to their working worlds.
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