Learning for Me Happens when…

First published 15 February 2016 – published in WordPress 29 June 2016

Learning for me happens when…

Although learning is heightened at hui like a PLG I find that learning comes out of the woodwork when I least expect it.

In our connected world we have the “choice” about connecting with others at many levels. I find my learning has shifted from being based on the written on paper to a mix of online text, video and image and audio – however the learning does not emerge as being very successful until I am asking and applying questions.

The NAPP learning processes fit around a mix of face-to-face across the spectrum to fully online – for me all of the spectrum is valuable. However writing and reflecting adds value in ways that I find increasingly powerful – hence the journal entries.

Somehow the process of writing forces me to focus on what I really think and understand – giving clarity at the time and providing valuable food for reflection when I return to read weeks, months or even years later. The focussing of thought and meaning is a bit like being in conversation and listening to someone else then having improved insight.


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Thinking about learning leaders and adding the internet and Its elements to their working worlds.
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