February 2015

First published in NAPP My Portfolio 9 February 2015 – published in WordPress 29 june 2016

It is hard to believe this is the 5th year working as an e-Kaiarahi in NAPP.

The rushed beginnings of 2011 seem a long time ago and I wonder how well we led the NAPP learning processes. As the speed and reliability of internet connections has improved we have all been able to breathe more certainty into online learning.

During 2015 the online challenge will be to make the best use of the ways we can share and coach each other. Online journals and shared pages with our learning partners provide the structure to work on but the challenge is to share our thinking and tentative understandings so we can provide each other with new perspectives, ideas and possibilities.

Akonga share the evolution of their inquiry with their learning partner and their PLG. Journal entries that identify issues and challenges and possible solutions are invaluable. A typical early entry can be;  “I thought I had this inquiry thing sorted out but each time I set out to confirm what it is I find the shape and direction of it elusive and difficult to pin down. I thought I would focus on …”

As a learning partner you could reply with, “Yes me too! My first thought was to focus on the syndicate I lead but then I realised there were many different possibilities – ….


About rogersvlle

Thinking about learning leaders and adding the internet and Its elements to their working worlds.
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