Can journals make things happen?

First published in NAPP My Portfolio 12 May 2015 – published in WordPress 29 June 2016

All too often our good intentions about reflecting and keeping a journal related to our leadership fall by the wayside.

Teresa Amabile provides useful insights to the value of keeping journals. Her Insights on Making Things Happen is well worth viewing. Her reminders about how we were thinking and acting in the past provide rich understandings about our own worth.

As I have been reviewing and adding to Module 3 Personnel and Employment I keep bumping up against the issues of overwhelming amounts of information – spread across legal requirements and demands as well as the need to be insightful about professional learning needs in your own school. As a Principal there is some much to be aware of that personnel and employment matters can focus on the legal requirements and all too rarely open up the realms of professional learning as an exciting and enjoyable process.

I have found a focus on our Personal Learning Environments helps put the NAPP learning processes into a tidier pattern – (check the comments 1 & 2 below and the NAPP Learning in a Networked Age diagram published earlier.)

I find it useful to check every now and then to see which parts of the influences on my learning are not getting much attention. e.g Where does Ko wai au? fit on this diagram. or Who am I listening to? Who am I not listening too?

Comment 1: Establishing & Using a Portfolio

Effective leadership learning is strongly supported by Portfolios that allow us to Gather,Store, Reflect, Analyse and Retrieve all sorts of artifacts (resources, research, reflections, questions, analysis, evidence of our growing leadership capacity) and link with our Networks of educators (walking wikipedia in the diagram below)

During the NAPP year each Akonga and Kaiarahi use these My Portfolio tools to realise the power and potential of using an effective portfolio;

  • Journals
  • Personal pages
  • Collections
  • PLG (Professional Learning Group) pages
  • Forums
  • Providing Feedback on others Journals and pages

The collection of pages for setting up is seen when you open the Setting Up My NAPP.

Each page in this setting up Collection has a set of guides, suggestions and ideas you can use.

Getting each of the My Portfolio tools in place before the 2015 School Year starts helps greatly when you need to Record, add to or retrieve ideas and information you come across at your Term 1 PLG face-to-face meetings.

The My Portfolio tools help ensure your dialogue and interaction are effective in both face-to-face and online settings.

Comment 2:Growing My Leadership Capacity – in a 2015 NAPP Networked Age

Self-managed learning is at the core of growing leadership capacity.

School leaders are engaged on a daily basis with those in their school community and usually have a range of other people and institutions spread across the education world providing input to their leader’s learning environment. These engagements provide a network within which the leader interacts – often with rapid-fire intensity but regularly with a deeply reflective approach.

In our NAPP networked world Kaiarahi and Akongā engage in these exchanges – each in their own unique way. It is important for the kanohi ki te kanohi (Face-to-face) and the internet worlds to merge so our self-managing learning is built on a series of seamless interactions across the boundaries of the two.

Each of us needs to confirm that we drive our NAPP learning experience. Others provide drivers and inspiration but we need to take action and engage with them to grow our capacity.

Our bi-cultural heritage confirms our school leadership context with increasingly a multi-cultural future.


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