Heutagogy and Personal Learning

Thank you to those who have brought together the Heutagogy Community of Practice. 

You have helped greatly in drawing together many of the threads of my self-determined learning.

Working with New Zealanders who are aspiring to be school leaders I never cease to be struck by their energy and questioning capacities as they determine what they need to learn to lead more successfully in their school contexts.

As each school context is different  and each person brings different knowledge, culture and experience to leadership it is essential that these aspiring principals develop the dispositions and strategies for self-managed self-directed learning. Hence the value of appreciating what heutagogy means for experienced educators.

In the New Zealand context where schools have higher levels of self-management than any others in the OECD the need for school leaders to grow their own capacities must lie in the hands of each leader. Each leader needs to make their own Essential Questions – Jackie Gerston.

These questions stretch across all sorts of school systems – curriculum, personnel & employment, school financing and resourcing, student welfare, community relations etc. Leading student achievement in each school is similar but different from others so in turn the school leaders engage in a raft of heutagogical learning processes from day to day.

As i have referred to in other posts personal learning environments include powerful networks linking to those you know and meet face-to-face as well as those you know online or in text-to-brain connections.

Consequently New Zealand school leaders need to be expert at making their self-determined learning effective in school and face-to-face, in the community and on the internet – heutagogy rules I think!



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Thinking about learning leaders and adding the internet and Its elements to their working worlds.
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