My PLE Literacies

As I reflect upon My PLE I have found it useful to apply the concept of literacies to each element.

In simple terms this is what I have arrived at as the important literacies of my PLE:

  1. I bring in My Accumulated Knowledge and My Energy Literacies – this includes my abilities to allocate time for reflection and recognise my own understandings and where they are at.
  2. I use My Inquiring Disposition Literacies –  these are my abilities and interest in moving my learning and understandings along and their capacity to drive the rest of my PLE
  3. I use My Walking Wikipedias (all those people I know and connect to) Literacies – these are my relationship literacies – building trust and listening capacities etc
  4. I use My Sourcing Literacies – my finding sorting analyzing and storing literacies. 
  5. I use My Social Media Literacies – these include all my means of interactions with My Walking Wikipedias – usually chosen to fit the context of my communication.
  6. I use My Computer and My Internet Literacies –  to apply the technology as I attempt to satisfy My Inquiring Disposition.

Following this literacy path makes it easier to appreciate what may be barriers and issues in following a learning path and may ease the burden of complexity we so often associate with the internet’s flow.


About rogersvlle

Thinking about learning leaders and adding the internet and Its elements to their working worlds.
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