My Personal Learning Environment and PLENK10

During the past two weeks I have had little time to dip into PLENK so felt I had lost the thread of my earlier thinking.

I need not have worried. This morning as I dipped my toe in the waters of PLENK again I was given yet another example of the power of getting clear analysis and summary from others through the work of McElvaney and Berge –  Weaving a Personal Web .

I found it made a link to what I call My Inquiring Disposition – “the true quality and effectiveness of a PLE or PLN depends on the learner him/herself. For self-directed, critical-thinking individuals, personal web technologies present a range of new learning possibilities.” This placement of the power to direct My Own Learning Environment right in my hands seems to be really refreshing and important for democracy and speeding up the learning for me as I need it.

McElvaney and Berge has provided me with, dare I say it, a means to support (or is it scaffold) my own synthesis of MY PLE.

I see the reality of My inquiring frame of mind moving along with time and constantly adjusting in accordance with my learning experiences. This dynamic aspect of My Headspace accounts for me moving on beyond where I was – picking up new links, knowledge and beliefs while casting off things and learning I seem to no longer need.

Well I better get back to PLENK10




About rogersvlle

Thinking about learning leaders and adding the internet and Its elements to their working worlds.
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