PLENK10 – If I forget the terms – PLE, PLN, LMS etc

If I forget the special terminology and reflect on the reasons for seeking knowledge, skills and new things I find it easier to identify the elements/things and ways I set about “learning”, finding, confirming and seeking.

Note I use “I”. This then opens the door to “MY”. I can then identify all parts of my “learning”, seeking, finding and confirming world. (Microsoft in its software directs us to My Computer so it is an easy way to get the parts of My Knowledge World sorted.)

Making no effort to separate My Face to Face World from My Computer and My Internet World is helpful and helps focus on the living processes of My Learning Ecology – see L Kidder for the Love of Teaching – Sept 23 for development of this.

What are the parts of My Knowledge/Learning World?

  1. My Walking Wikipedias – in every day terms My Contacts/My Associates/My Students/My Community. Many of these people I meet face to face, many I link to by traditional means of communication and in recent years more and more are geographically separated from me so I use internet links. In order to benefit from My ever growing and changing Walking Wikipedias I need to ensure My Relationships encourage My Communications and My Interactions to draw information to me. essential elements such as My Listening (in both face to face and online terms) cannot be forgotten.
  2. My Inquiring Disposition – shapes My learning, links My educational philosophy and My educational knowledge to the sources and resources I need, ensures I can retrieve and re-use best practice, and ensures I have the means to tackle complexity and deal to complication. It uses and re-uses in many complex ways the sources for My inspiration. It encourages me to interact with others.
  3. My Accumulated Knowledge –  qualities and abilities, my theory and research base for application in education. My known basis for learning and educational progress, My dispositions … One could regard accumulated knowledge as simply what I know and carry my head. It is worth reminding Myself of the mental guides and controls which direct My leadership actions – this may be My tacit knowledge that I just accept as being correct and work from without much thought. Experiences that have built My expertise in an informal manner are going to be just as influential as My knowledge of research based best practice. All My formal qualifications and training arrive to support My inquiring disposition. Probably the most important aspect is to bring this knowledge accumulation to My inquiring disposition in a way that openly asks me to challenge my educational beliefs and concepts. My accumulated knowledge includes what I know I know and what I do not realize I know until situations bring it to the surface.
  4. My Finding Sorting and Retrieving of Sources – I have been engaged in this set of processes as long as I have been learning. Needing repeat exposure to the knowledge I use and learn from has made me expert in getting the things I need to know drawn to me as required. (My Internet and My Computer has helped enormously in this by providing strong and increasingly accurate means for me not only run My Own Network but to combine my finding, sorting and analysing sources with many others.)
  5. My Interactions with My Wikipedias – My interactions can be direct or indirect and be based on any means of communication. Increasingly My Social Media tools play an important role. My choices of interactive tools vary in accordance with My Social Interactive literacies. This part of My learning ecology is crucial as My inputs of energy and creative thought drive my success in moving My Learning Disposition forward.
  6. My Internet and My Computer – These two combine with all My other elements and have a role I never envisaged when I first had a computer placed on my desk in 1994. My Internet and My Computer literacies now combine with all my other literacies. I am always focussed on the “productivity paradox” that states the return from use of IT systems and computers is not achieving the productivity promised. My literacies must keep pace with the ever changing and growing range of technologies for me to choose from.

Is this My network? Is this My Knowledge Ecology?

I’ll return with further thoughts from My Knowledge world.


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Thinking about learning leaders and adding the internet and Its elements to their working worlds.
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