PLENK10 – PLE & the Internet as a River

As I struggle with the process of sorting through my thinking about the relationship between my learning and the internet I keep remembering things.

About a year ago I pondered with a few other Kiwis about the concept of the internet being more like a river than any other watery place. Previously I had been inclined to see the internet as a reservoir or lake or even a sea.
The beauty of the river concept seems to offer the thought that the internet is on the move and an ever increasing number of tributaries are bringing their flow and colour into mix with what is already online.
Carrying the concept a bit further I can say at times I am immersed in the internet and are tossed and turned by its changing flow and even turbulence. Of course I can also scramble up on the bank and get out of the flow – probably finding I am in a different place from when I stepped into the flow.
These images of flow, new additions, turbulence, quiet pools and even surrounding hills add a dynamism to the thought of PLE’s and how they function.

I doubt I’ll get my “tidy” PLE completed tonight.

The internet as a flow.


About rogersvlle

Thinking about learning leaders and adding the internet and Its elements to their working worlds.
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