#PLENK10 Growing Knowledge

Am I right in thinking that PLE’s and Knowledge Networks are means to take my thinking through and past the means to give meaning to my learning world?

This does sound simple.

However PLENK is making me more and more aware that the nature of my PLE and its associated networks dictate my view of the world.

After the weekend I need to come back to the Concept maps software – that may help clarify whether I have a “healthy and growing PLE”


About rogersvlle

Thinking about learning leaders and adding the internet and Its elements to their working worlds.
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One Response to #PLENK10 Growing Knowledge

  1. Lisa K. says:

    I like that idea knowledge growing. I imagine the fence in my backyard – designed to keep my neighbor’s “stuff” on his side and mine on mine. However, this grapevine on his side peeks through a few wooden slats here and there, with an abundance of vines creeping over the top. I can almost hear the vine – this is great but let’s see what is on the other side.

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