Applying PLE to time pressured leadership roles

How can a principal develop the PLE approaches, skill sets and confidence with IT/internet settings? How can he/she shape their PLE to best fit their educational context? How can support for principals be applied to improve the situation without impinging on the control and direction of the individual principal? (Remember in NZ each school is self-managing and the principal is a key figure in this school development.)
One way to answer these questions could be in confirming “an inquiring disposition” to all principal actions. This focus pushes one as a principal to find out, question and reflect despite the pressures of daily in your face expectations.

I can see a PLE with inquiry at the centre and this in turn links and interacts with broad and simple to understand elements like My Accumulated knowledge and dispositions, My People I interact with (“walking wikipedias”), My Stored sources and how I get to them, My Interactions with all sorts of sources and how I make them, this in turn relates to My Internet and MY Computer and how I set them up.

The simple grouping of focus shown below may be the start of our way forward.


About rogersvlle

Thinking about learning leaders and adding the internet and Its elements to their working worlds.
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